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  The NFC USA Pedigree Database Project created and sponsored by Tryllekatt Norwegian Forest Cats is up and fully functional.   Please visit our Pedigrees webpage to connect to the database and learn how to participate in this project.

Please visit our adoption page as we have a number of cats looking for a home.
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Breeder: Linda Krall
Owner: Jane Hayward

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The Norwegian Forest Cat is being featured on Cats 101 on
Animal Planet Episode 106
It was filmed at the Hotlanta Cat Show in April, 2009 where
we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Forest Cat's
acceptance into Championship.  Check your local listings It has
been aired several times.
Welcome to the Home of
Norsk Skogkattring USA

Norsk Skogkattring USA is an invitation only Breeder club dedicated to the Norwegian Forest Cat here in the United States.  We are dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of the Forest Cat through excellent breeding practices, addressing health issues as they arise and keeping records of the history of the breed in the United States as well as Europe.  We are pleased to announce our official affiliation with Norsk Skogkattring in Norway and firmly believe in an ongoing relationship between the breeders in the USA and Europe.  We are currently in the process of revising our membership rules so that newer breeders can apply and be part of our organization.  If interested do not hesitate to get in touch with our secretary for the application.

Please pardon our dust as we start to mold this website into a great site for information and what is new in the world of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

We are starting to work on a gallery of colors for people to be able to find their favorite color or for breeders who need help determining a color.  We are looking for cats to volunteer to be a part of that gallery!  We invite people from around the world to share their photos with us. To have your cat considered for inclusion in this gallery please send .jpg format photos to   Please send the photo in as large a format as possible so that we are able to fit it into the gallery in the right proportions and include the name of the cat, registered color, sire, dam, date of birth and breeder and owner.  Thanks for your participation.


Homes Needed for Norwegian Forest Cats

Due to the failing health of one of our breeders we need to place several Norwegian Forest Cats.  They are mostly Reds and Red Tabby and Whites, Creams and Brown Tabby and Whites.  Ages vary although most are around the 3-5 year range.  There are males and females and all will be neutered or spayed and vaccinated.  There is also one Maine Coon Neuter available..  For up-to-date information on what is available please contact Vicki at or Sue at

All are located in Georgia and if they need to be shipped the costs will be the responsibility of the person adopting the cat.  Thanks for your interest.  We will also welcome anyone willing to foster one of these until a permanent home can be found. Some of these cats are now falling under the aid of CFA's Breeder Assistance Program and there is a $100 fee to help defray expenses such as neutering and vaccinations.  Please visit our adoption page for individual cats.

New Database Officially Launched

We are pleased to announce that after many set backs there is now an official Pedigree Database that is up and running.  Originally under the direction of this group, the original database purchased did not work well nor did the company support the program as they should have so there was not only a lot of downtime but also errors that could not be fixed.  Thanks to the tenacity of one of our Board members, Greg Watts, he continued to work toward a resolution of this problem and now has found, purchased and created a functioning pedigree database and is looking for input into it so he can grown this database from its current 5,000 plus cats.  This is now entirely Greg's baby but we are happy to provide the link to it as well as encourage all who have a Forest Cat to participate by providing pedigrees.  Here the link to reach the DB

To contact Greg for more information or questions regarding submission of pedigrees please email him at


Penny Garrett

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Penny Garrett.  She was a founding member of this organization as well as a good friend to it over the years.  She passed away doing what she loved best which was being at a cat show.  She was born on March 10, 1943 and passed away on January 22, 2013.

Penny was born in El Dorado, AR to R. N. Garrett and Agnes Soule Garrett of El Dorado. She was the wife of John Wooldridge; she was preceded in death by her parents and her husband. Penny was a graduate of University of Indiana, Music Major and earned her Master's also in Music at University of AR. She taught Music at ULM prior to retiring.

Penny was a Cat Judge with The International Cat Association and was also breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats for the last 25 plus years. She also bred Norwegian Forest Cats for a few years until her health prevented her from handling cats of their size and weight.  Penny continued to support the breed since then as well. She was a member of the Order of DOK and the Alter Guild at St. Patrick's Church. She is survived by her cousins, Rosamond Banks (David), Carol Felton (Barry)

Cynthia Sample , Carol Bell and Kitty Paulding , as well as her care giver/housemate Pat Muise (George).

In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to PAWS of Northeast Louisiana,
P.O. Box 15432, Monroe, LA 71207 or
American Cancer Society ,

Online condolences may be sent to the family at
Kilpatrick Funeral Home
West Monroe, LA

Although it says it is closed we were able to add words of condolences.  Have some nice memories or photos of Penny you would like to share?  I will be building a memorial page and would love to have these included.  Please email to Sue Shaw at

We are also pleased to announce that NSR USA has donated $500 in her memory for the new Forest Cat HCM study through WINN Foundation.


Jim Couch

In July, 2012 we lost one of our founding members.  All that met Jim will remember him as a large Teddy Bear.  He had a great sense of humor and loved the breed.  His cattery was Amberskog.  He will be missed.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Web Ring
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Updated April 11, 2013
Looking for general information or a place to ask questions about Norwegian Forest Cats? Visit our friends at the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club!

NFC Forums

An exclusive of the
Norwegian Forest Cat
Breed Club

We are pleased to be able to provide you with this link to this club and invite you to join them as they introduce this valuable information and education forum about all topics related to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Placements, Rescues, Adoptions
Although we are not set up to do fostering, we will help in any way possible to re-home purebred Norwegian Forest Cats.  If you are looking to adopt a rescue cat please contact us at and include your name and location. We do not often have NFC available for adoption but we are building a database of those interested in bringing a rescue cat into a forever home.

Special Events
In 2009. the Norwegian Forest Cat celebrated two anniversaries.  One was 30 years in the United States and the 2nd was 25 years in Championship competition.  Both events were celebrated in Atlanta, Georgia.

TICA was the first major registry to accept the Norwegian Forest Cat to compete in Championship in August of 1984. In April of 2009 Hotlanta Cool Cats hosted our celebration of this event.  Please click here for photos of this event. (coming soon)  Congrats on their anniversary of becoming real in the USA

33 Years since their arrival in the United States
The first pair of Forest Cats arrived in the USA in November 1979 to Sheila Gira in Romulus, Michigan.


Home of USA's First Registered Litter of NFC est. 1980
Kittens Available this fall


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