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Breeder: Linda Krall
Owner: Jane Hayward
Adopt a Friend Furever

We will from time to time be providing information on cats looking for a new home. NSR USA does not accept cats to be fostered as we do not have the facilities to do so but will offer a placement service for those looking to re-home their pets or breeders offering retired breeding cats (Standard sales agreements will apply from breeders).  All costs incurred will be the responsibility of the person adopting the cat. On occasion we may have rare times that one of our members will foster a cat.

If you have  cat looking to be placed please contact our webmaster at

with a complete description of the cat, a photo if possible and the reason you are giving up the cat and also if you have contacted the breeder of the cat. 

Cats Available for Adoption

These cats are being helped by CFA's Breeder Assistance Program (BAP) and fostered by NSR USA Members  Since BAP is covering all neutering, spaying and medical on these cats they request $100 adoption fee. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these cats but can not adopt please let Sue Shaw ( know and we can make arrangements with BAP so that the adoption fee can be waived for the person adopting them.

For more information on CFA's Breeder's Assistance Program, please click here.

All cats listed are in Georgia.  Due to heat restrictions shipping may be difficult depending on the area of shipping. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the person adopting.

Little Nipper aka Bobby Sox

This lovely boy is about a year old and has a very sweet disposition and likes to be with people.  He tends to nip without breaking the skin as a sign of affection and we are working on breaking this habit.  He is part of the Cat Fanciers Association Breeders Assistance Program and now is living in his forever home with Pat G. along with his buddy "Rory"  So nice they went together.
Hrorek aka Rory

This boy was special and we really miss having him around the house as he was always wanting to be laying with his head on your shoulder and was a great bed buddy.  He has been adopted along with Little Nipper and is now living with Pat G.  He is 5.10 years old


Brownie" is a Brown McTabby Male  He is a very sweet guy  and will be neutered on August 7th and absolutely loves attention. Approximately 3 years old. He is part of the CFA's Breeder Assistance Program Adoption Fee $100  He has found a new home with a couple who are regular visitors at the Caddyshack show in Augusta, GA and was adopted on Saturday! Congrats and thank you Sharon for finding this boy a home



We are unsure of this little man's age but he is a real sweetheart and doing well in his new home in Canton, Georgia with his new Mom,
Leisa W and his new brother


Christopher is a sweet boy that has been shown before.  Nice brown classic and white boy who has found his furever home with Gloria T in Florida.  Congrats to both of them

Thomas is part of the litter of reds that we found homes for. His sister is Merida.  We estimate him to be about 10 months old. He is now living in Nashville, TN with Roneil and 2 Maine Coons


This beautiful red boy has been adopted by a retired breeder, Joan and since we can get his papers you might see him in a show hall occasionally in Georgia!

This sweet boy has been adopted and found his forever home in Florida.


Merida was very lucky to have a new family with two kids and as well a new family who are spoiling her rotten.  She is a beautiful red classic tabby and is about 10 months old
Alicia, his new Mom, reports that Merida is doing very well



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