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Breeder: Linda Krall
Owner: Jane Hayward
Welcome to Our Gallery of Colors

We hope you will enjoy discovering just how colorful our beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats are and learn more about what the various colors look like.  We have decided to use just adults in this section.  The colors are listed the way TICA (The International Cat Association) would do it along with the FIFe European EMS Codes for each color to help you better understand the coloring system  on European pedigrees.   If the colors are called something different in CFA these will be listed.
Solid Division
Solid and White Division
Black with white
Blue with white
Red with white
Cream with white
Tabby Division
Black (Brown)
Black Silver
Blue Silver
Red Silver
Cream Silver

includes all patterns: spotted, classic (blotched in Europe), Mackerel, Spotted and Ticked
Tabby with White
Black (Brown)
Black Silver
Blue Silver
Red Silver
Cream Silver
includes all patterns: spotted, classic (blotched in Europe), Mackerel, Spotted and Ticked
Torbie Division
Black (Brown)Torbie
Blue Torbie
Blue Silver Torbie
Black (Brown) Torbie/White
Black Silver Torbie/White
Blue Silver Torbie/White

(includes with white in all tabby patterns)
Tortoiseshell Division
Black Tortie
Blue Tortie
Black Tortie with white
Blue Tortie with white

(includes with white)
Silver/Smoke Division
Black Smoke
Blue Smoke
Black Smoke/White
Blue Smoke/White

Exhibits the inhibitor Factor resulting in white undercoat regardless of degree of expression.


Looking for general information or a place to ask questions about Norwegian Forest Cats? Visit our friends at the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club!

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We are pleased to be able to provide you with this link to this club and invite you to join them as they introduce this valuable information and education forum about all topics related to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Special Events
Join us on the weekend of April 3-5, 2009 for a celebration of the Norwegian Forest Cat's 25 Year as a fully registered Championship Cat.  TICA was the first registry to accept the breed into Championship competition in the USA and to mark this event we are holding some special events in conjunction with the Hotlanta Cool Cats show.

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