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Breeder: Linda Krall
Owner: Jane Hayward
Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in membership in NSRUSA.

In the past membership was limited to invited breeders but we are pleased to announce that our membership divisions have been reformatted.

Full Breeder Member:
by application and approval of the breeder membership division This division is limited to those having a registered cattery in one of the major registries such as ACFA, CFA, CFF and TICA and have produced a litter of kittens within the last two years 
Membership Dues: $25.00 year

Novice Breeder Membership:
by application and approval of the Board of officers. This division is for those who wish to begin their breeding program and have registered a cattery name in one of the major registries (See above) but has not had a litter but does have a female capable of producing a litter. Advancement to full breeder status will be upon proof of litter and approval of Full Breeder Division. 
Membership dues: $20 per year

Inactive Breeders:
Breeders who for various reasons have taken a break from breeding and not produced a litter in the past two years.  They must have a cattery registered in one of the major registries. Once they become active again they will be moved to full breeder status.  If they are a new member that has never been voted into full breeder membership, they will have to be voted on by the Full Breeder Member division. Membership is by application and Board approval
Membership Dues: $15.00 a year

Retired Breeders: 
This division is comprised of former breeders who have retired from breeding but maintain an interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat and continuing to promote the breed. The only requirement is that they have a registered cattery in one of the major registries. Membership is by application and Board approval.
Membership Dues: $15.00 a year

Supporting Member:
This division is comprised of those who have a Norwegian Forest Cat, want a Norwegian Forest Cat or want to be involved in the Norwegian Forest Cat Community.   They can serve as officers or volunteer positions such as our website and newsletter.   Their support helps us to be able to donate money where needed to health studies effecting the Norwegian Forest Cat or cats in general and contribute toward our emergency fund.  They are an important part of our community and we are pleased to have added this division this year. Membership is by application and approval is by the Board of Officers.
Membership Dues: $10 a year

In the past our membership was by invitation only and it was a Breeders only organization.  Members had to sponsor you.  Now the only sponsorship is a letter of recommendation from any breeder or your veterinarian. We are looking for members who believe in good breeding practices and good business ethics and have the interest of the breed at heart.  Our organization is made up of Active Breeders, Inactive Breeders and Retired Breeders.  Many of our members have been breeding for over 20 years and with our new membership division of Supporting Members we feel that we will become the well-rounded organization we should be. 

And Introducing our Newest Division:
International Members

There are two types of International Members:
Dues Paying: $20.00 a year
Reporter Status: one per country To earn this status the member must be willing to submit a monthly show report/breed report to be republished in our online Saga Newsletter

Please contact our International Secretary:
Ina Rebekah Selte at


Membership Application Breeder Division
Membership Application Supporting Member

Please print your application and send it to our Secretary along with your dues.  Dues will be returned upon the unlikely refusal by Breeder membership or Board  Address is on the form.
Any questions can be addressed to:



Looking for general information or a place to ask questions about Norwegian Forest Cats? Visit our friends at the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club!

NFC Forums

An exclusive of the
Norwegian Forest Cat
Breed Club

We are pleased to be able to provide you with this link to this club and invite you to join them as they introduce this valuable information and education forum about all topics related to the Norwegian Forest Cat.


Young adult to 7 year old cats are available for adoption
Please visit our Adoption
Page for more information


Kittens available.  Please visit
our Kittens Available page


Want to be a part of the future while maintaining the past?

Join the only club in the United States that is affiliated with the home club in Norway


Home of USA's First Registered Litter of NFC est. 1980
Kittens Available!
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Updated 7/30/2013

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