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Breeder: Linda Krall
Owner: Jane Hayward
The Norwegian Forest Cat arrives in the USA
In 1979, a small article appeared in Cats Magazine written by the Secretary of Norsk Skogkattring, Solveig Stenersrod.  Appearing in that article was a photo of a magnificent cat named Pans Truls.  For two Maine Coon breeders that was the beginning of a journey that would lead to the ultimate acceptance of these beautiful cats in the United States in all of the cat registries and a fan base that continues to grow each year.  Both breeders wrote to Solveig about the cats and in November of 1979 the first pair arrived from Norway to Sheila Gira of Mycoon cattery in Michigan.  The male was out of Pans cattery which was a leader in bringing these cats to acceptance in Europe.  His name was Pans Tigris and he was a brown tabby male.  The female came from Solveig's cattery (Mjavos) and was named Mjavos Sala Palmer.  She was a black and white female.  In March of 1980, Sue Patrizzi (now Shaw) of Zazzara cattery brought over the third cat.  She was a beautiful Brown Tabby from Mjavos cattery called Mjavos Sangueetah.  Sue's brother Pete said that was too long and promptly nicknamed her Yago because it was similar to the drink Yago Sangria!  The name stuck and whenever people hear the name Yago they know who it is.  Yago went on to be one of the most photographed of the early cats who also appeared in a few commercials and on a box of Purina Special Dinners.  She was also the mother of the first surviving litter here in the states born in March of 1981. She appeared in her first cat show in April of 1980 at the Sign of the Cat show (CFA) in New Jersey.  Yago went on to achieve the title of Grand Champion in all 4 registries here in the USA.  To this date the record has not been broken. In March of 1982 exactly one year after she arrived she had her first and last litter with the sire Pans Tigris.  Two kittens were born, Zazzara Kisi of Royal Hylands and Zazzara Vigi of Mycoon.  She later developed a closed pyometra and had to be spayed.  It was a blow to our early breeding program but she was put to work as our good will ambassador.

The journey from the beginning to 31 years later has been a long one. There are many things that have to be completed in order to get a breed recognized for Championship competition.  We began showing the cats in 1980 in CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) as exhibition only because we did not have enough to meet the requirements to advance to the next step.  I would be a long time before the cat would be officially handled by the judges in that organization.  The first organization that we really started to make inroads in was TICA (The International Cat Association).  In 1982 Sue formed a partnership with a fellow Maine Coon breeder, Mary Buckmaster, and Nissekatt cattery was founded.  In 1982 they imported their first male, Prince Charles ur Skogi along withhis littermate Nano ur Skogi and Yago's mother, Saugtier. a cat from Sweden, Ekdalens Amanda Skadi, who was the first silver mackerel tabby in the United States.  Our numbers were starting to grow.  Along with Prince Charles, a beautiful female was brought in that was his littermate, Nano ur Skogi and Vicki Shipp joined the new breeders under the cattery name Talshipp.  Also arriving with Skadi was a black and white cat named Enebacken's Divinia.

The first 10 cats in order of arrival were:

1. Pans Tigris Breeder: Else & Egil Nylund Owner: Sheila R. Gira
Brown Tabby Male

2. Mjavos Sala Palmer  Breeder: Ernst & Solveig Stenersrod
Owner: Sheila R. Gira Black & White Female

3. Mjavos Sangueetah (Yago) Breeder: Ernst & Solveig Stenersrod  Owner: Sue Patrizzi (Shaw) Brown Tabby Female

4. Pans Tonje Breeder: Else & Egil Nylund Owner: Jane Wright
Brown Tabby Female

5. Ca'sar der Kalten Drift Breeder: Barbara & Adrian von der Ende  Owner: David Schneider Brown Tabby Male

6. Torvmyra's Gerswhin of Royal Hylands Breeder: Randi & Arild Grotterod Owner: Ted & Sue Margwarth Black & White Male

7. Mjavos Saugtier of Nissekatt  Breeder: Ernst & Solveig Stenersrod  Owner: Mary Buckmaster/Sue Patrizzi (Shaw)
Brown Tabby Female

8. Prince Charles ur Skogi of Nissekatt  Breeder: Tom B. Jensen  Owner: Mary Buckmaster/Sue Patrizzi (Shaw) Brown Tabby/White Male

9.  Nano ur Skogi of Talshipp Breeder: Tom B. Jensen
Owner: Vicki & Jim Shipp Brown Mackerel Tabby & White Female

10.  Ekdalens Amanda Skadi of Nissekatt Breeder: Linda Ekdahl  Owner: Mary Buckmaster/Sue Patrizzi (Shaw) Silver Mackerel Tabby Female

Coming Soon Part II Achieving Championship status


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